CranioSacral Therapy in Tacoma
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CranioSacral Therapy

Life at all levels expresses itself as motion. From the universe to the tiniest part of an atom, it’s all in motion. At every level of our bodies there is also motion.  All healthy, living tissues move and breathes, even the space inside your bones moves as part of its normal healthy circulation.

 This rhythmic fluid and energetic motion can be felt by sensitive hands. The presences of these small but power filled motions of the body were discovered by osteopathic doctors like Still and Sutherland over 100 years ago.

Contrary to western allopathic belief, Dr Sutherland realized that cranial sutures (the place where the bones of our head meet) were, in fact, moving.

Dr Sutherland also discovered that the motion of cranial bones is linked to other subtle movements that involve a network of interlacing tissues and fluids at the core of our body, and that it involved the whole length of our spine as well.

The Breath of life

“The Breath of life” has long had a place in scripture, it is said to be that which enlivens us. In biodynamic cranial sacral therapy it is a term used to describe the underlying energy and intelligence that is the foundation of our universe and or reality, the causal force.


Essential ordering principle

In the biodynamic approach of craniosacral work the subtle rhythms of Life are regarded as expressions of health that carry the essential order for both body and mind. We are coming realize the important role played by the fluids in the body (particularly cerebrospinal fluid) in helping to disseminate these ordering forces throughout the body.

The essential ordering principle carried as a natural part of the Breath of Life, acts as a blueprint for health which is present before the time of our earliest embryological development and is the fundamental factor that maintains balance in our form and function. The ability of cells and tissues to each express their primary respiratory motion is the most basic factor in determining our state of health - when these rhythms are expressed in fullness and balance, health and well-being naturally follow.


During the course of our lives our bodies take on patterns of being and patterns of response that are shaped and conditioned according to how we do , or don’t deal with our stresses and traumas. If stress or trauma pressures are overwhelming, they may become stuck in or somehow to, your body/being. These patterns may remain with us until we are able to process and release them. These sites effect the natural rhythmical movements and flows of our body/being thereby impeding the natural healing process.

Common causes of blockages or impeded flow are physical injuries, emotional and psychological stresses, birth trauma and toxicity. To make matters more challenging these stresses and traumas can accumulate sticking to like patterns and energies in our being which we may keep repeating whenever they are triggered or somehow stimulated.


Craniosacral Therapy is used to help release or resolve the trapped energy that governs patterns of disease and fragmentation of body and mind. By developing very sensitive hands the practitioner can identify places where issues are held and then assist the body/mind in their release.

The intention of Craniosacral therapy is to facilitate the expression the body’s rhymic  tidal forces that are initiated by this “Breath of Life” allowing the innate wisdom of the cause of life to facilitate our healing. This is done in a predominantly non-invasive way with the client fully clothed.

A holistic approach

Craniosacral Therapy takes a whole-person approach to healing and the inter-connections of mind, body and spirit. Craniosacral is great for people of all ages and fits well with acute or chronic conditions.

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